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I agree with just about everything you said.

I dont know that the ADL intends to use the rebound nets. I do think we they will focus on actually using "Arenas" and not civic centers, convention halls and everything else that was used in the AIF.

That in itself will eliminate over half of the AIF teams.

Your mention of needed substantial funding to start or carry on with a team is not a negative to me. I think many of the teams in leagues of the past did not have the right financial structure to compete on and off the field.

I personally don't expect to see many new from scratch teams. Maybe a handful over the next season or two. I just expect that the stronger teams located in the Southeast up to the Atlantic coast will join and be fine. Maybe 8 to 10 teams. I did notice they have already added divisions to the website so I would assume 8 to 10 the teams minimum.
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