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MLM, one of the biggest problems being completely over looked about teams recruited from the AIF. That should already be well known by the ADL is monthly franchise fee payments teams that were in the AIF did no such thing so how does the ADL propose to get them to pay it?

Secondly they paid no worker compensation insurance payments which can reach into the thousands per month, there are a few more I could cover but I think all here get the picture.

This is not as simple as it looks on paper, one final point if the ADL is going to model its game after the Arena game those nets are trademarked and costly so each team would be in much deeper than they have ever operated before, which usually means bleeding red ink. This could go bad quicker than anyone would expect, as for the new teams joining they have no idea the amount of cash lost before the season ends for a first year organization, if just a few of the things mentioned above are covered they will be well into six figures and its only mid season. I know but on paper it looks so easy anyone could do it right
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