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Looking back at my last post I must have been half asleep when I wrote that thing lol.

I agree that times are different now for indoor football. Back when the AFL was at it highest point it was cool to have those smaller AFL2 teams around in smaller cities. Now I think there are really only maybe 10-20 teams around the country that can really draw well in a full scale arena outside the AFL.

Columbus has ALWAYS been one if not the best team on and off the field. I am confident in their ownership's ability to put together a solid league. Having been to several games over the years, I think less than 50% of the fans can even tell you what league they play in. Especially since they have played in a handful the last decade.

It is all about building a local brand and giving the fans a good experience. Lately I hear of some many people on forums complaining about players fighting each other on the field, and players yelling foul language loudly where the young fans can hear it. It really puts a damper on the what I think the small leagues need to succeed, fan interaction.

I am interested to see what the ADL offers. I do expect 8-10 quality teams with the rest of the former AIF/X-League teams forming a smaller scale league.
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