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Great, point ML Mania these knuckle heads have hurt their own opportunity to advance the sport in any manner simply because they appear to be completely unaware of how to, adjusting these leagues into levels is needed they are already operating as Rookie, A, AA, AAA and just for argument reasons the Arena league could be considered the major of the sport just from the players aspect of something bigger to shoot for.

But nooo they all think we are the best the biggest the on and on, and there is no cooperation between the leagues because they spend much of their time down talking the other, when the facts are not one has a hold on the industry as its leader, as a structured concept every level would have a clear understanding of who they are and stay in there lane causing a reason for a cooperative attitude for each as players could move up the fans wouldn't be stuck watching the same team getting old right before them, meaning interest falling off, I was in a meeting with some current NFL players we moved into the topic of indoor/arena football and many of them had never watched a game nor even understood the concept, also a few asked the question of why if the game is good for development why no players make any noise if or when given the opportunity to enter the highest outdoor level. The question spoke loudly of what has went wrong and has continued to be the norm in the sport of arena/indoor football.
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