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With how well Saskatoon seems to support softball, I wonder if they are on the radar? I know that Saskatoon isn't a selling point for US marketing, but considering that the NPF barely registers a blip on the sports radar, I doubt it would be a problem. I guess the one problem with expanding to Canada is that there would be immigration factors involved.

Regardless, I do think that Canada is an untapped market for softball and the NPF should be looking at franchises north of the border. However, I am not sure does the NPF have a league ownership model or are each of the franchises individually owned? That would make a huge difference with potential teams.

An American city that seems to have a softball pedigree is Oklahoma City. I think it would be a great market for the NPF to place a team in. Yes, it does not have the same cache as say New York, Seattle or other potential cities, but I have always been of the opinion that butts in the seats and profitability is always better than name cache.

I do think if softball returns to the Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo, the NPF will benefit greatly. Instead of being a league that only the most diehard of sports fans and the few locals to the teams know about, suddenly it will be like when the Women's World Cup of soccer happened. It took players that were obscure to most people and turned them into household names. The same would happen with the Olympics. The Olympic exposure (despite the time difference between Tokyo and North America), could even be parlayed into some semblance of a TV deal.

What I have always wondered is why the MLB Network doesn't show any NPF games? If I remember right MLB and NPF forged some sort of working agreement. I don't remember the details, but I am sure some of it was marketing help. Since MLB owns their own channel and has a programming void. There are only so many times you can air Intentional Talk before it becomes redundant. So it would make sense for the MLB Network to fill some of that void by airing NPF games. Even if they only aired a Game of the Week on say Sunday afternoons and then carried the NPF Championship Series, that would be far better than what they tend to show otherwise.
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