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Dave Martinez entry in Empire Of Soccer blog...

Cosmos COO Erik Stover pointed a few fingers and talked about the legal threat... and, let's face it, that's designed to influence the standards decision before a lawsuit "needs" to come about.

The fun part... from Stover:

Stover highlighted the collusion with a damning accusation, pointing a finger at MLS and U.S. Soccer for “planting” an article in the New York Times to hurt the NASL. The story in question focuses on the FIFAGate scandal hitting the shores of the U.S. in the form of a fan protest against the Traffic Sports’ owned Carolina RailHawks — a key player in the FIFA scandal.

“They put that article in the paper,” Stover insisted. “That is what we are going to be dealing with and I know we will be ready for the fight”
This didn't escape the notice of the article's writer, Andrew Das. He tweeted:

Team/Stover is free to clarify. I have had my say privately. Needless to say, I disagree...

...(next tweet)...

"Though I invite @ErikStoverNYC and @NYCosmos to clarify. Soon."
So we must ask if Stover prefers ketchup, A1, or maybe a bernaise with his crow.

@AndrewDasNYT I apologize for my poor choice of words. It was not my intention or inclination to challenge the integrity of the Times. 1/3

@AndrewDasNYT In an effort to be open and transparent with our fans, I expressed a personal opinion in response to a question. 2/3

@AndrewDasNYT I was careless in making my point and I honestly feel that the NYT article I referenced was fair and balanced. 3/3
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