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Hmmm... now you basically set up USSF "demoting" the NASL and "promoting" USL. USSF was probably headed there anyway, now it has to, and the likelihood of a court challenge (which USSF could have lost, BTW) based on anti-trust is probably a lot less likely to succeed.

So do viable teams leave the NASL? Do they form a new league and apply for 2nd division, do they jump to USL, does MLS pick off a couple anyway? Will I think about this at all while I'm in Canada for 12 days? Will Sam get feisty for Feist's sake? Will Dino come back and have an argument?

(OK, just an aside, but I find it hard not to think about the value of Chuck Blazer's 10% when he started skimming off the top and that 10% when he finally got busted. Do you give that man credit for finding an audience in the interim? BTW... part of the point of this is that the USSF had no bids seeking a pro/rel structure when it was establishing MLS in the first place, and this was at the EARLY end of Blazer's skimming. Sheesh.)
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