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The NASL has been backing away from Traffic for several years... which isn't easy given Traffic basically spearheaded the league breaking away from USL. It's even to the point where a conspiracy theorist was saying that MLS-backed USSF threw NASL under the bus.

Do have a chuckle at that. Traffic was always dealing in some shady crap (third party player contracts). FIFA pretty much wanted them out, too.

(Half of the arrests yesterday involve subjects we already knew and Sepp Blatter already threw them under the bus. So some people think Blatter aided in housekeeping yesterday. That doesn't mean that Jack Warner hasn't threatened to sing again- which is this morning's news- though the actual threat of jail time now may make a difference. Question is whether Warner can truly deliver on Blatter with any shred of credibility.)

And I'm not sure NASL doesn't take a significant hit for this. So much for my worrying about this back in March. We're still talking about some quite viable franchises in Indianapolis, Minnesota (which is IF the MLS bid fails to get the stadium approved in time; the fine print says it was a conditional award), San Antonio... and really Jacksonville this year. However, Carolina has been for sale for a while and nothing yet. Edmonton... don't look at the team behind the curtain.

Maybe the bigger problem yesterday... 0 for 7 against USL teams in the Open Cup and only two wins against PDL/Amateur teams. Rather dreadful. Whether NASL/Traffic issues had anything to do with that, I have my doubts.
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