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Default Two Teams in Chicago?

The fact that there would two different competitive arena football teams in the Chicago is not all that strange, but two Chicago teams in the same league. It appears that the AIF is continuing to expand in the Midwest by adding the Chicago Assassins just days after adding the Chicago Blitz. I do not say this because it a rumour or I have inside knowledge. (I live in Canada). I googled the Chicago Assassins and found a link to an Oct. 31 OSC news report that the Assassins were joining the AIF. The date made me uncertain about the validity of the store. Is it a prank or maybe or a computer glitch?

Here is that story //

If it does turn out to be true that the Assassins are in AIF, I will be looking forward to watching both Chicago teams in person in Saginaw and seeing how the two teams will work in a big as city as Chicago. Hopefully the Blitz and the Assassins will come to coexist peacefully together.

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