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Originally Posted by SugarBear View Post
Kicker you are 100% correct. It's typical AIF leadership for ya. Notice the 4 home games on the schedule for Roc City. All 4 teams with no known direct affiliations to JM have to make that trip. I'm sure there is some tie in somewhere but personally I don't know of it yet. West Virginia twice, then York and Washington. How come Harrisburg or Cape Fear doesn't have to take that trip? Hmmmm, no need to spend on a bus or hotel for either of those teams, go figure - just my opinion. Those were the top two teams in the league last year, shouldn't at least one make an appearance up there, just for the sake of the league to help Roc City draw a crowd as they take on one of the league's perennial teams...

If the new teams did not do their due diligence researching the league and its history, it's 100% on them at this point. If they are truly doing it for the right reasons, I truly do wish them the best.

Have a great holiday season all!
Sugar Bear, Sugar Bear you are right. As we all know, the league management dosent know what the hell they're doin and this is typical for John Morris. Last year was the same. Whoever does the schedule must have been 2/3 into a 1.75 liter bottle of cheap vodka when they were doing it. This league never amazes me in the total unprofessionalism statrting with John Morris, Jack Bowman and all the way down. These teams who join with him, shame on you. You got conned. You drank the cool aide. You thought you were going to join a professional league, with all good intentions, and you are joining perhaps the most unprofessional run leagues in the history of the sport. The leasgue has spewed noting but lies and falsehoods since John Morris started the AIFL, AIFA and now AIF. Wait til you go to washington and play on a soccer field with no dashers or yard lines and 50 fans in the stands.
Youll have a rude awakening if you make through the season. I hope you succeed, but this league is nothing but a farse and the farthest thing from professional football. Just ask the Onterio , Cal. Warriors. Have fun trying to sell this as professional football to your fan base because most of us that know, know what this league really is.

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