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Default Washington eagles

Here are the answers that you are looking for about the Washington Eagles. First we used the eagles name because we are trying to get some of the fans from the DC area to support us. We play in Laurel and the Skins play in Landover so why not try to tap into that market. The presidential seal has an eagle on it so we thought that would be a good idea. I paid someone myself to create the logo. The next thing is I do have the road jerseys that Mr. Morris had to cut down on some of our operating cost. I could come on here and lie but why, the eagles name is not on the jerseys and now we only have to get home jerseys. As Far as me being in charge of the AIF developmental league, all I have done is share what we have done to start the ICFL which I am a co-founder of. Ideas such as have teams come play in the arenas of AIF teams on game day and if a team needs a player to look at those guys first. Next as far as the Reapers go, all I did was coach. Some of you were under the impression that I had a bigger role with the team, but once again all I did was coach. Chuck Thompson was in charge of that team and sad to say screwed everyone. He didn’t pay me nothing, the players, the arena, or even the league all of their money.

See what kind of piss me off with some of you guys is you try to paint a picture that I take advantage of people but none of you know a thing about me. If you ask some of the reapers players, when they came to me and told me they didn’t get paid I hit the ATM and paid them out of my pocket. When we had a workout and Chuck didn’t have the money I paid for it or later when I went to reserve time for the ICFL in the Soccerhouse and found out that $600 of the team’s training camp bill was in my name and had to pay that. My self and Coach Holmes have spent in jerseys, field rental, practice time and website over $6000 for the Baltimore Vikings in the ICFL and only collected a grand total of $1000 from the guys with a 30 man roster.

When the guys told me they wanted to play again me and my boys put money up so we can make this work. I don’t do this to get rich I do this so these guys have a place to play and can show their talents and maybe one of them can continue their career on a higher level. For those who thought my partner was attacking people, sometimes you respond to people the way they come at you. He is not defending the AIF because he is not a part, he is defending me, the person he works with and has known since he coached against me in high school and knows that I am a stand up person. I don’t know the relationship some of you have with the owners of this league and it’s not my business. All I will tell you before you knock what the Washington Eagles are doing, get to know us personally then come up with your own conclusion.
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