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Default A project I am working on - and a call for help

I am working with David Young, creator of football simulation program Text Flex ( ) to create a set for that game for the indoor leagues.

My goal is to put all the indoor leagues on one game file, so that any team in any league (arena and indoor) can be played against one another.

We've been testing it with last year's CIFL, and I'm to a point where I'm comfortable with how the indoor stats will translate.

I would like help in compiling the rosters for teams in all the leagues featured here. This is mostly to determine who should start at the various positions.

It's a significant undertaking to put together what will end up being an 80-team "rom," but given most leagues have something that's close for their statistics (the APFL is the notable exception, though news articles have had enough I think we can get by if they don't keep stats again)...and given leagues like the CIFL largely have *bad* stats for their teams, I think it will work out fine.

I believe I can plot the stats for the teams and leagues (or at least whatever's submitted), but especially with so many teams, I would really like to have scanned rosters from programs and that sort (if such exists)...and people able to go to team sites to copy/paste the rosters to files.

It's especially important for me to have the rosters for knowing who the O-Linemen are and what positions guys play on defense.

Thanks! I'll keep you updated on how this progresses throughout the season. The current plan is to have all indoor and arena teams (including travel squads that get stats posted somewhere) on the program.

Feel free to reply here or PM me if you want to help.
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