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I know we heard rumblings about the rebirth of the AIFA months ago, but seeing the actual announcement that a JM led league will again be up and running blows my mind.I'm also shocked that Harrisburg, a team that consistently draws 200-300 people a game will again be in operation. How is this fiscally possible? It's not like sponsors are beating down their doors either. Even after three years of having a team, most people in Harrisburg are still unaware that the Stampede exist.I have been a big Stampede fan from day one, but I will no longer give my hard earned money to this cut rate operation.I also support Lehigh Valley of the IFL and I would rather drive an hour and a half to watch an organization that is commited to putting a quality product both on the field and out in the community then drive ten minutes to watch John Morris' circus freak show.
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