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Originally Posted by SugarBear View Post
By no means, would I ever consider myself a "hater" or begrudge anyone an opportunity to make a living/money. But the entire indoor world (even beyond this new AIF "venture") never cesses to amaze may. The backdoor games and utter shadiness. I am assuming that basically all of the eastern portion teams will be owned by JM, correct? The potential 5: Fayetteville (now run by Jack Bowman from what I've been told - GM of 3 teams is 3 years Richmond/Carolina/now Fayetteville - how does this happen), Harrisburg (with a coach that just praised him in the press release - but was fired by him before!!), Trenton (which got bamboozled last year when he was sold into the SIFL with Trenton and Fayetteville), Carolina? (who knows if they're coming back but they were owned by same owner), Baltimore (from what I hear, will be run by Chuck Thompson and they're already trying to ride the Baltimore Charm of the LFL coattails to get in 1st Mariner - which as I read on the boards is still due money from the previous venture there) Am I crazy? Does any of this make sense?

PS: Dan great comment/catch - I said the same thing. You're announcing your new league and worried about the amenities your all-star team will have.....WHAT????
The Maryland Force has always played out in Frederick where the Baltimore Charm Practices since the Charms Head Coach runs a team out there also.
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