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Ok, anyone actually drinking the cool aide. Last time someone got a bunch a people to drink the cool aide, his name was Jim Jones and well we all know that turned out. If you have to sell your all star game in Cancun Mexico as an expensises paid vacation, you got no credibitity. Everything comming out John Morris's mouth smells like it came out the other end. Now he is going to use players dreams and desire to play to fund his three owned teams in this third incarnation of JMIFL. Sugar bear and Coach. Great points. Does anyone have an idea what NJ team he is referencing. IS it Trenton, thought BONDO would have been smarter, especially getting screwed with the SIFL merger fiasco and being a sports agent and attorney. Hope his clients dont know his business dealings. The only thing that would make this over the top is if Morris got Champion Sports and Entertainment, the former owners of the NJ Revolution, to get involved. They werent NJ people, neither is Morris, so how can he say a team in NJ without any ties to the community. National sponsorship, gimmy a break, why didint he have this the first two times. This guy is full of empty promises and lies. Who is going to be responsible for transporting an entire field to Cancun? This is a freaking joke, Why cant this guy just fade away and stop ripping people off, and all his cronies aint no better. Someone should look at his finances. If your drinking it, hope the cool aide tastes good, suckers.
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