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Originally Posted by jerry101jlh View Post
All just speculation at this point. I might doubt the survival aspect though. At the time I didn't get the impression that the IFL castaways had an interest in starting their own league, but were only interested in joining a league. Granted had CS not started the NIFL the original AIFL under Dick Suess might have landed those teams, but if he hadn't, the af2 the only others interested. At that time we also had the IPFL still going, but it was still pretty much trying to compete against the AFL and was dying even though they may not have seen it. Other option, the APFL. Possible they would have started up regardless of any other leagues starting or not. But as I said, pure speculation at this point
I have no doubt the sport would have survived based on Keary Ecklund's mixed success alone. The NIFL filled a vacuum at one time. If it hadn't, someone else would have.
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