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Originally Posted by BananaCat View Post
Too bad, I loved your fire maps (your finest creation ever). I also loved the doom and gloom commentary that went along with them, and that wasn't even the NIFL's last season. Imagine the map of fire you could've made in their last
Indoor football and me parted ways after that season. Even the most jaded of us sometimes get burnt out from all the drama and need to step away. Then I come back only to find out I haven't missed anything, same ol song and dance being played out.

The NIFL had its problems and no one can deny that, but when I look back on the NIFL I see where CS had a great idea for mid size cities to get into the game and that has proved to work. Without the NIFL I wonder if the sport would even be around today or if we'd just be stuck with the AFL?

Much more difficult to predict failure or problems today, at least for me. I had the advantage back then in knowing too well how CS operated and could more easily read between the lines. She was more a creature of habit than some today and with her I always knew there would be no surprises, so easy to predict and find problems.
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