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Default Fresno monsters

You are so right , I want to hear about the kids they have sent on to college . Not one announcement that I know of . Thomas Freeman , listed as hopes to play college hockey. These two nutsacks in Fresno have no idea how to communicate with college scouting . Do not send players to Fresno . look at all the roster moves Ballard made , he'll sell your son down the road for a few bucks to help the f'up budget .
Johnson should stick to the pro shop . Ballard back to under the rock he crawled out of and ended up in Fresno . Brye Dale , what a joke , ask Steelheads about there experience with Johnson and Dale in Fresno @Gateway . Monsters showed themselves as a classless organization . Ballard tells players fight , fight , the fans want it , this is a business . Kids who never fought in there life , how many broken fingers and hands , last year , Ballard brought a old Falcon , thats all thats left , to teach them how to fight , not play hockey , fight . Weres the Fresno Monster that fought everygame last year ? , can not remember his name , he blew as d-man , but he fought and fans liked it . Monsters want control of the youth program in Fresno now . Wait and see
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