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Default Captain Fraud

Able to bounce checks in a single deposit, she's super fraud. We had our bad taste of her last year. She and CSM (P-something), were in cahoots the whole time. Some of the Kreatures faxed her bounced $10 checks from the owners, yet she denied it up and down to the press in Orlando. I hear one of the checks is hanging in an old sponsors bar for posterity. Anyone else catch the short clip of her and the "NEW" owners of Montgomery? Yep, she looks like a professional. Wrestler that is.....Those poor guys don't know what they are getting into. I was thinking of some new franchises for 2007. How about the Birmingham Bounced Checks, (unless Billings takes that name was good, admit it), the Fresno Fraud, Toledo Tax Evasion, Salem Scam Artists, just to name a few.
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