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Default HP starring in "The Fugtive 2"

Just sit back and watch the blame game in the NIFL this weekend. Sadly in several cities that is the only game in town. Now we see that CS per "KOTA-TV contacted Carolyn today and she denies ever approving Howard Neel, AKA Patterson, AKA Weiner as an owner of the Aces. Said she GAVE the franchise to Majik on loan. You loan your neighbor a lawn mower. You do not loan teams. So is CS admitting she did not follow league rules by not getting franchise fee up front? As far as HP being just an investor in the team is crazy. Are they selling stock in the team? Do they think they are the Green Bay Packers? As an investor, what were you promised in return? Does the word "owner" come to mine? Put your glasses on CS. It's the N.I.F.L. not the N.F.L That "I" makes a huge difference. This will all shake out in the end. My guess is someone goes to jail besides HP when all is done. As I said on another site that:

" Before this is over we may have to bring in "Dog the Bounty Hunter"

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