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Originally Posted by Caballo Diablo View Post
Instead of Raw numbers let's looks at the comparrison to the other teams.

1999 - Buffalo's average attendance was 2,000 above the league average.
..... And was ranked 6th out of 15 teams.

2000 - 2,570 below league average and ranked 13th out of 17 teams

2001 - 1,162 below L Ave and 14th out of 19

2002 - 2,679 below L ave and 12th out of 16

2003 - 3,775 below L ave and 15th out of 16

Just for fun let's look at the numbers in Columbus;

2004 - 16,286 = 4,267 above League average and 2nd out of 19 teams

2005 - 15,229 = 2,400 above L ave and 4th out of 17 teams

2006 - 12,082 = 296 below L ave and 11th out of 18

2007 - 14,044 = 1,652 above L ave and 7th out of 19

2008 - 13,892 - 935 above L ave and 7th out of 17

Buffalo was below league ave 4 out of 5 years
Columbus was above L ave 4 out of 5 years. Oh yeah, C-Bus played in the ArenaBowl.

It doesn't seem to be speaking very well.

Just sayin'
Caballo Diablo you spin numbers any way you want and the bottom line is Buffalo had very bad teams with the Buffalo Destroyers with on the field product yet still never had a average under 7,000 for a year. How is some of your AFL markets doing 7,000 plus would look pretty good compared to some of the clubs presently in the AFL. As for the IFL if your saying the IFL shouldn't go to Buffalo wow you are very misinformed.

Caballo Diablo I never said Buffalo is a better football market then Columbus because it isn't we agree there. I am not a Buffalo homer and I can attmit that Buffalo didn't get the job done the first time. I can look at it objectively and say sorry but Buffalo in my opinion should get a second chance in one of these leagues. Even through Buffalo isn't a Columbus or a Dallas it still is a good football city. The Columbus market and the football market is stronger in the grass roots level on down and also the market finacially is doing better than my Buffalo. But you want to compare Buffalo against a good football city like Columbus instead of the ugly wart cities that are presently in the Arena Football League and all these leagues like the IFL, AIFA and CIFL.

Let's make this clear you have some problem with Buffalo if you honestly think Buffalo doesn't belong in one of theses arena/indoor footbal leagues that is a joke after being without arena/indoor football for 8 plus years.

You lose alot of creditability with me if you think some half baked city like Rio Grand Valley should get countless chances and your logic is well Buffalo didn't do as well as alot of major huge market cities. Look at the numbers the Buffalo Destroyers attendence matches up well for IFL at worse. Just sayin'. If your saying Buffalo shouldn't get another chance in one of these leagues all I can say is wow. We can agree to disagree. Let's Go Buffalo
The above post is in my opinion and I have no proof or link. I am just a Buffalo sports fan.

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