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BSF as a sports fan that follows these leagues from a far also ask why keep going back to the same city over and over again when it didn't work before? Going back to a city is fine but what I question is that some of these cities are going through A, B, C and D leagues etc and at a point you have to ask why? Cities when they fail in my opinion shouldn't get teams back right away in another league in my opinion. Why not give the market time to get over the past failure for a few years before going back in my opinion? Because they have a arena that is cheap isn't a good enough reason in my opinion?

I don't understand Rio Grand Valley getting another team in the IFL after being out only a year? Look at some of the AFL cities there in that are struggling badly because there either just to small, bad owner or market simply isn't interested in the arena/indoor football product. Look at a city like my Buffalo we lost the Buffalo Destroyers who I was a season ticket holder for all five years they were in Buffalo. We have the Buffalo Bisons IL baseball but no MLB baseball or MLS soccer to compete with for a arena/indoor football new team yet my market doesn't get considered at all really.

The Buffalo Destroyers AFL moved to Columbus after the 2003 season when our owner Mark Hamister didn't get the Buffalo Sabres NHL and control of HSBC Arena so he sold to Columbus, Ohio.

Buffalo has been mentioned once for a potential Buffalo af2 franchise with Thurman Thomas and the IFL Rochester Raiders old owner as owners a few years ago but other than that nothing. I believe HSBC Arena lease nogotiations had alot to do with them not getting in Buffalo for af2, high rent cost but high potential reward.

My point Buffalo hasn't been mentioned at all for any of these arena/indoor football leagues which I find strange when all these other cities are failing for a number of reasons but seem to have owners coming back for more with attendance of 3,000 or less in alot of cases why?

I will close with this look at the results of the failed Buffalo Destroyers AFL franchise record and attendance yet Buffalo doesn't get a second chance in any of theses leagues. I find that very strange we aren't even mention by none of these league here is the stats. Tell me why Rio Grand and some of these cities over and over but no Buffalo. The Buffalo Destroyers AFL never drew under 7,000 average per game yearly average for our five years in Buffalo from 1999-2003.

Yet Buffalo, NY I guess is a bad market to arena/indoor football league people? I question that from some of these screwed up leagues some of the markets there picking are alot more questionable then Buffalo, NY in my opinion. Then some wonder why do these league have problems? One of the many reasons is they are in markets they shouldn't be in and markets they proable should be in they aren't in, in my opinion.

Buffalo Destroyers Yearly Results
Season Record Pct. Playoffs Avg Attendance
1999 1-13 0.071 No playoffs 12,013
2000 5-9 0.357 L-at Arizona 7,048
2001 6-8 0.429 No playoffs 8,026
2002 6-8 0.429 L-at Orlando 7,279
2003 5-11 0.313 No playoffs 7,622

I will let Buffalo's record and average attendance speak for itself it has been coming up on 8 years and counting yet no mention of Buffalo for arena/indoor football Buffalo franchise. Were waiting in Buffalo for when one of these football leagues sees the light who knows? When they do I will buy season tickets along with many other Buffalonians I am sure. I loved the arena football league season it connected the NFL and college football seasons nicely for football all year long in Buffalo. If you build it in Buffalo, NY they will come. Let's Go Buffalo
The above post is in my opinion and I have no proof or link. I am just a Buffalo sports fan.
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