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Originally Posted by oregonbri View Post
It really delved into the minor-league nature of life in the CBA, punctuated by George Karl's occasional rants. Oliver comes across as a bit more hickish than he probably is; he's obviously a good basketball mind, given his long career in coaching. I'd love to see a where-are-they-now update of this. I also would be curious to know how much money the book made, if any. Let's face it; people aren't clamoring to read about minor-league hoops. But for those of us who are, this was great.
Agreed. Two more books to look for are:

Obsession:Timberwolves Stalk the NBA Bill Musselman's Relentless Quest to Beat the Best (Bill Heller) While it spends too much time repeating itself, there are a couple of chapters concerning his time coaching in the CBA.

and just for fun:

The Cockroach Basketball League (Charley Rosen) A novel, but I read it after the Levine book.

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