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Default Oldsmobile Park No-more

I've been going to Lansing to see the Lugnuts for about 14 years or so.My first time there was in '97 on opening day(it was delayed a day because of the weather)and if my memory serves me correctly it was an afternoon game against the Burlington Bees and it was in the low thirties.Also I got lost trying to find the stadium.To me that is a very nice ballpark.I've there many times in the past and hopefully will be there many times in the future.I knew this would happen sooner or later(the name change)but it will be hard to think of the site being called "Cooley Law School Stadium" or something to that effect.Earlier I stated that it was a nice ballpark,I should say that I've been to many minor league parks and it is one of the ten best places to see a game.Enough said
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