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Originally Posted by BasketballGuru View Post
"Dude you need to move on with your life. Get a hobby or something. Is it your life mission to destroy Mark King or something? LOL It's sad when you have to resort to fabricating and twisting stuff around to do it.
I suspect like most One Way is very skeptical with independent minor league basketball as am I. It is not surprising how all the kool aid posts about the WBA/Flight are coming from Kissimmee. I'm glad you are an excited fan, player, investor, relative of King, his Mother, an alter ego, or whatever the case might be.

But people still need to ask the tough questions. Especially when it comes to a league that cancels games and doesn't get the bills paid. The WBA and anyone that joins it is fair game.

My biggest worry for the franchise in the long term would be competing with the NBA summer league.
Since minor league basketball has sunk so low it should be noted that all my comments are merely my personal opinions. They are purely my views that I wish to express using my constitutionally protected right. There are basic standards I believe a pro league or team should adhere to. If you want to know those standards shoot me a PM.
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