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Dude you need to move on with your life. Get a hobby or something. Is it your life mission to destroy Mark King or something? LOL It's sad when you have to resort to fabricating and twisting stuff around to do it. What's wrong? Running out of ammo to try to pull the Flight down, so now you gotta throw in the past history of the WBA to do it? You're lame. The proof is in the pudding buddy boy.

- 67 season tickets sold as of Friday night
- tons of stuff in the community for the kids
- A very informative, up-to-date website
- A good owner trying to do good with what he has
- some good quality hungry basketball players
- and yeah a community that is standing beside this team

And check out the recent addition to the website. A video of a recent community outreach event. Here's the youtube url:

Say all you want, but those kids look like they were listening, and the message is good! Why would anyone hate a guy and a team doing stuff like this? And as far as that merger, I was told the same thing this minor league mania guy said. They were going to play games against each other. Then the merger talks came in, which kinda makes sense actually. Why not have a 12 team league in the same region. But I was also told that idea came from the other league, not the WBA.It doesn't even really matter who the idea came from. The bottom line is the WBA said no because they have a much longer history than that "other" league, and didn't want to play under a new league name. And I also agree with that decision. Why play under a new league name that has yet to play a game?

I haven't been on here long, and really I'm just hear because I like reading all the stuff about the Flight. It's awesome to see the team succeed and go forward. I see the Flight and the WBA having a great year. Can't wait for the season to start.

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