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I saw the camp it went pretty good. There were about 30-40 players competing for spots across the League. Well organized with WBA jerseys for all that competed. They ran games left and right on Friday and Saturday. There was also about 10-15 refs training for the upcoming season. I am not sure who picked where and who was picked but maybe that will come out in the next fews days. I would imagine most teams already have half or more of there roster accounted for before this camp. I really think this may be a step forward for the league this year. As for merging, I think the real deal is that that talked about playing another league in a championship game to determine who the true Spring League Chanpion is. I think that would be a good concept. I hope the WBA can get back to where is was in the start of the league. At that time, one of the most respected short season leagues around.
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