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I'll be interested to see how things go as well. It is the league of Powell and Moon which is great to talk about. It is also the league of unpaid bills, staff, and home of the $225 walk up tryout. Plus the league straight up shut down in the middle of the season once.

One thing is for sure the 13th man of the Flint Tropics (Mark) is going to draw some internet attention to the WBA. Everything positive or negative that goes down this year everyone will surely know about it on message boards. Not sure that means more fans in the seats... but hey we shall see.
Since minor league basketball has sunk so low it should be noted that all my comments are merely my personal opinions. They are purely my views that I wish to express using my constitutionally protected right. There are basic standards I believe a pro league or team should adhere to. If you want to know those standards shoot me a PM.
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