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Thumbs up ABQ Tbirds - Yeah, I follow the Dleague

How can you not follow the the other ABQer gives small city people the chance to see good ball. The way Stern is setting this league is going to be a true minor league system. And now with 5 more teams joing the league next 3-4 years, you will see Sterns dream finally come true.

I have been to every Albuquerque Thunderbirds game home game of the season (season ticket holder) and have to is action packed and of NBA caliber. I used to go to CBA games back in Albany, NY (where I am originally from. Back in the days of Vincent Askew, Mario Elie, George Karl the coach. This league reminds me alot of the old CBA days....but better. For the simple fact that they are finally structuring it where NBA teams are affiliated with a minor league team...about time.

Thing is about this can get up close and personal with the players...and that is what is so great about it.

By the way...just to let you all T-birds just clinched a playoff birth...GO TBIRDS. We need to beat Forth Worth on Sunday in order to retain 2nd place and host a playoff game....go Tbirds!
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