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Ken, very nice. I did however take a look at how they could be so bad, then be so good with the same players and coach. This is what I found out. The game that you have on the score board was the first game that Sare was the head coach. The old coach was fired. I also know that Coach Baker was at that game supporting Sare. With that being said, the Coach was sending a message to the team about how things were going to be run with the new Coach. There were certain players that were being disciplined, and did not play. From what I see Rashi Johnson was the only player, that played in that game, that played for Battle Creek last year. I agree with you on most things, but not on this one. I am sure if your Gary team had played in the PBL they would have been very good. Did you ever get a chance to see BC play last year? I enjoyed watching them. I think NSF enjoyed them too.
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