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Originally Posted by Pounder View Post
Today, US Soccer declined to sanction either NASL or USL-1 for 2010, and told both parties they have a week to come up with a compromise.

I wish they'd have brought forth an "or else" statement, just so we know what that is.

Uncertainty has a time limit... or does it?
The or else is US Soccer is going to run a second-division league this year (and one year only according to the AP article I read). There will be a USL Conference: Austin, Minnesota, Portland (Ore.), Puerto Rico, Rochester and Tampa Bay; and a NASL conference: Baltimore, Carolina, Miami, Montreal, St. Louis and Vancouver.
IMHO, US Soccer needs to turn this over to the MLS (I know. They probably wouldn't want to be bothered with an impending lock-out or whatever. Especially after killing the reserve division, a short-sighted move). The goal should be about 18 second-division teams within the next couple of years with decent ownership groups, followed by strengthening the third division. Time to bring back the Wichita Wings???
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