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I remember when this moron was signed by Idaho. There was an article on Oursports that the owner of the Stampede, Bill Illet loved the guy and who great a guy Williams was - and remember this was after Williams killed the driver and jumped into the pool to get rid of the blood. Well Bill Illet you idiot jock sniffer, your idol did another stupid thing:

Jayson Williams crashed his black Mercedes Benz SUV into a tree at around 3:15 Tuesday morning. The former New Jersey Net player was exiting the FDR Drive in Manhattan when he crashed into a tree. He is in stable condition at Bellvue Hospital.

People who witnessed Jayson Williamís crash informed police that Jayson was the only person in the car. Witnesses reported that they saw Williams move from the driverís seat into the passenger seat before police arrived. When police arrived on scene, Williams was sitting in the passenger seat of the SUV. Williams reportedly told police that he wasnít driving at the time of the crash. Police are investigating whether or not alcohol played a factor in the crash.

Williams retired from the NBA in 2000 after a broken leg that he couldnít recover from. He was suspended from a job as an NBA analyst for NBC after a shooting incident. In that incident, Williams had been handling a shotgun when it fired one shot that struck and killed a limo driver, Costas Christofi.
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