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Update time... without links for the moment.

The Team Owners Association announced their intent to form, wouldn't you know it... the North American Soccer League. Sounds familiar.

The intention to form coincided with a declaration that they have filed sanctioning papers with US Soccer. US Soccer must approve the application to give the league legitimacy. This has not happened yet, though the process has been in play only so long.

Things really took hold when Tampa Bay Rowdies and Crystal Palace Baltimore, both teams slated to join USL-1 next year, flipped and decided to join NASL. This was announced the Friday prior to Thanksgiving.

Just today, Rochester declared that they've switched to NASL.

Many think that, with these three teams flipped, that the NASL has received their sanction, otherwise these jumps would not have happened. Obviously, nothing has been announced yet.

Others are spreading rumors that USSF is declining to sanction the new league. On what basis, well, we have none for now. One thing to note- Nike sold the league to NuRock, and they also sponsor US Soccer.

The whisper I've heard (Portland FO, second hand, trusty source) says that all will be resolved one way or another in the next couple weeks.
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