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Originally Posted by psbf View Post
Get off of your obsession of me, RWB. You don't listen to the facts that I have, all you are always concerned with is that I'm wrong with no matter what I post. Try READING what I post!
OK KC, let's read what you posted together:
Originally Posted by psbf View Post
With all due respect to the work that D.T. has done for the CBA, the way he treated me when I was trying to find news on the Xplosion, was completely unacceptable. I no longer care what he does.
And my post said:
Originally Posted by ABARedWhiteBlue
In how many of these emails to you somehow, someway discuss the folded Xplosion?

Based upon your singular obsession, he probably tired of your one-horse show after the second or third version appeared.
YOU said you were 'trying to find news on the Xplosion' - and since you have shown a propensity on OSC to shoehorn the X into virtually every board you post on and the vast majority of the messages you write, it really isn't much of a leap to consider he grew tired of hearing the same thing over and over.

I'm sure Dennis Treau is awake at night concerned about your feelings toward him (Dennis Truax is busy with a new league).
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