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Default Future of the Atlantic League...

I figure we could use this forum to post any rumblings.

Great to see the Atlantic League thriving. Newark will be around and in the Atlantic League next year. New ownership wants to make it work.

Word is the League has made up two schedules for 2010, one with a road team, one without. Ownership in Bridgeport wants to see if it can get a certain number of season ticket sales. If not, they may fold. Either way, it looks like they were bound to move to Northern Virginia. Just a matter of, will they play out one more year? I wonder if they'd draw better by moving to the Yale Bowl in New Haven. The area of the ballpark isn't great and I even heard about players being mugged after the games.

Regarding possible expansion, Bergen Cliff Hawks is a dead deal. I hear conflicting stories about the second team in LI. Any updates on the Lighthouse Project? I read October 3rd is a deadline. For what? Not too sure. Any word on a ground-breaking in Yonkers? It seems when ballpark plans are tied to a larger real estate deal they fail. That would be a great location for a team. Opening Day Partners (Lancaster, York, Southern Maryland) is looking to build a park in West Chester, PA, but it's likely to be for the Phillies NY-Penn League team.
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