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Default Paying attention in Albuquerque!

I am most definitely paying attention to my Albuquerque Thunderbirds!

We just owned the Florida Flame here in a weekend sweep. In these 2 games we have gone from 5th place to tied for 2nd.

I love the game so far. I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and grew up around pro-sports. No, the D-League isn't up there with there NBA affiliate teams, but it is a great way for the people in smaller cities to catch some good ball.

I agree that it sucks that players are called up and it can hurt your team. We lost Chuck Hayes to the Rockets, as well as Ken Johnson and Joe Shipp to the Korean League. My team went into a slump, but we re-aquired some players and worked it out.

The game is fast paced here in Albuquerque and we have our mile high altitude as our 12th man!
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