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Default USL Sale, Fallout

Apparently, everyone is missing out on a real drama.

First, on Thursday, after some rumors that MLS had considered buying USL, an organization called NuRock Soccer Holdings (running a PDL team) buys USL from Nike.

Possible initial fallout includes...

Then boom goes the dynamite.

Forms of the "TOA" announcement end up on the websites of most of the potential rebels. Duly note that there's a "large market v small market" theme to the rebellion.

The sale proves something of a "the more things change, the more they stay the same" character.

Very interesting blog speculation...

More stuff from the Carolina owner...

So, put it this way.

Tight-posteriored league poobahs vs delusional owners. Any winners? History says no. Opportunities? Probably, but not as much as we think. Burning question: if Vancouver is involved with the TOA, where are they putting their team after the Whitecaps go MLS, will it be WEST of Vancouver coughvictoriacough, and will the other owners in TOA approve the extra travel?

Either an exciting negotiation, or one fine mess.
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