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Originally Posted by ajp0033 View Post
James Richardson surrendered to police in North Carolina Saturday. Article is below.
I barely remember James Richardson. He only started two of 20 games he played, and when he refused to take the court unless he started more, head coach Micheal Ray Richardson cut him. I think he only averaged 2 points and 1 rebound per game.

But then again, that year I think the Patroons used up their allotment of player roster moves on such wonderful talent as Devonnaire Deas (an Albany High hoops star who flunked out of college), Jeremy McNeil (and his ten-ton lead feet), and Cory Hightower, long after Hightower had any semblance of skills.

Of course, that season T.J. Thompson became the first Patroon to break 50 points in a game (against Gary, nyah nyah Ken), James Thomas got two call-ups to the Chicago Bulls, and this lanky Alabama minor league lifer named Jamario Moon signed up in the middle of the season. Wonder whatever happened to that Moon guy... I know one thing, though... he wasn't out shooting up grocery stores in Greenville.
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