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Originally Posted by basketball facts View Post
I really don't care what you do. I telling you what is going to happen. Do with it what you wish. I really do not think that Jaren Jackson will be involved, so I know that that hurts you. But as for the info, do with it as you wish.
First I do hope the league comes back, but only if they are operating on budgets that are sustainable. Only the regional leagues have seemed to figure out what it takes to hang around in this bad economy, so I'm not holding my breath that the CBA is ready to get serious about sustainability.

If they start talking league fees even as high as the IBL I'm personally just going to tune them out.

My guess would be the CBA never wanted to go away forever and there has always been talk about finding a way to get back into pro basketball. I'm not tight with any of those guys so I'm really not privy to any of those conversations.

As to your predictions or inside info it is completely legit for people to ask you for a source and completely reasonable for people to dismiss your claim of knowing something (when you don't provide any info). Even if the CBA does come back I don't think that would come to a shock to anyone, and it also doesn't prove you knew anything (because you haven't provided any evidence that you do).

Again, I truly hope they do come back, but for now your remarks get filed away with those annoying preachers and crazy people that tell us the apocalypse is coming.
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