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I liked the way this team was put together - Gill, Lucus, Thomas and Davis have all been solid rotational players in the league. A veteran minor league 7 footer, a developing C/F in the model of Anthony Mason in Gransberry who flamed out in France and a rookie that would not dress much this season on a solid playoff team like the Nuggets in Weems. As the D-league continues to expand I'm not sure if we'll ever see another D-league team this good. The talent level in the D-league this year was higher than I have ever seen in minor league ball, old CBA days included. From Mid-Jan on, it seemed like most of the big name free agents were electing to play in the D-league opposed to going overseas. Tulsa had 3 former No.1 picks on their roster and they still finished last. The league made a nice come back from last year when most of the top notch talent went to Europe.
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