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Originally Posted by bectond View Post
One can never be 100% sure, but I believe the Knicks are getting their own franchise and the Kings will share Bakersfield with GS. I don't believe the Bighorns will move east. They are averaging 3500 per night. The only teams that I know of which are looking to relocate are Charlotte, Memphis, New Orleans and Sacramento.
Simons did say that he has lost 20 mil per year for the last 4-5 years so who knows.
The Grizzlies aren't moving any time soon, they are in 1 heck of a contract with the city... they can't leave for another 4 years, and after that they can only leave if tickets drop below a certain point, which the city has the option to buy up enough tickets to keep them above the point, and even if the team is sold the city has the option to find a local buyer to match the bid....

I've heard a rumor that the Bobcats/Blazers are working on something, where the owner of the Blazers (who owns the Seahawks) would sell the Blazers and buy the Bobcats and move the bobcats to Seattle.... or equivalent to...

Everybody thinks that the Bucks are going to move but I don't see it happening, as long as U.S. Senator Kohl owns the Bucks they are staying in Wisconsin....

New Orleans I think is stuck there for a few more years as I am pretty sure that they will surpass there ticket number this year... meaning that they have to stay for I think atleast 3 more years....

I have been surprised that Seattle is such a hot market or rumored to be one... Kansas City has a new Arena, Vegas has a nice arena.... both are pretty darn good markets....

Maybe Kansas City gets a D-League team to show that they can support basketball? sometime soon?
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