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I don't know why the NBA does not allow NBA teams to control the rights to at least some of the players on D-league rosters. It does not make sense to expect a team to develop a player when any other team can sign that player at anytime. Instead of have 15 roster spots per NBA team the league should lower the opening day rosters down to 13 and After Jan 10 teams could expand their rosters to 15, if a team fails to promote a player on the 10th, then they could become a free agent(any team can sign them to a 10 day deal.). NBA teams would be able to save a lot of money garaging players in the D-league for 2 1/2 months. The owners should be looking at a development path to save resources. Instead of dropping the MLE as has been suggested. Currently, most NBA teams operate like the Yankees or Red Sox regardly of the market they play in. Point # 2, the future of the league is nba clubs buying existing teams, that is the only way to make money buying a D-league team, for the values to increase parent clubs will have to be able to control the rosters.
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