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Not personal at all, I'm just discussing stuff. I respect your opinion. You've had a better experience with the Dakota Wizards than the people have had with the team here, I can respect that, and I'm happy for you. Had to get in the cow tipping dig, after I was accused of smoking stuff.

I take exception to a couple of your ideas, though I respect their right to exist.

Losing every franchise is good? Lying to the original 8 communites about providing other events was good? In this case, change was bad.

It's year four, btw, as you pointed out to me earlier, so if a return is to be realized it would be now. And with inactive franchises in Florida and Arkansas, I don't see much profit being made with the exception of selling the teams for a million back to the "big club", like Austin was and cutting your losses.

From what I am hearing now, the move will be to put these teams in larger metropolitan areas, closer to parent clubs, and not even worrying about marketing them. (See D-Fenders and 14'ers).

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