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First of all, I'm not arguing. That isn't my intent. I don't smoke things, but here's a backhanded remark back at you: These teams don't thrive in areas where there is anything else to do. In Albuquerque, which Lord knows is not a thriving metropolis, the team only has 1/4 time beat writer for the Journal.

Sioux Falls, Idaho, etc were in the CBA for a long time, it has yet to be seen if they will continue to thrive in the D-league for the long term.

I don't believe the D-league is unstable, I believe that they sold people a bill of goods that they aren't delivering. I've had this directly quoted to me by multiple owners. "These teams will be worth something when there is one to one affiliation, we're just holding on till then." Meanwhile, they are losing their shirts.

What I'm stating is that I believe that they should continue to slowly expand, when necessary, not plop teams in markets that don't support them. (cough..Albuquerque, Tulsa, Austin.., hell most of em, where cow tipping isn't a sport...cough)

Make the teams you have successful first, then expand.

Let's remember history. Where are the original D-league teams?

So, let's stop drinking the NBA Kool-Aid and SEE what happens, given that they haven't proven themselves to be infallible in this venture.

I have some photos of the empty arena, 15 minutes before game time in Albuquerque...
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