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The PBL "TV" deal is not very good. Basically @sportstv is streaming Rochester home games live, and the rest of the day it has old Rochester games and the AF2 championship game running on a loop. I watched the Rochester game live online and it was pretty good, but Alumni96 is using the right terminology: Newmanesque. doesn't even have a schedule. I have not seen any mention (or at least clear mention) of it being on traditional television. The PBL game of the week is "Rochester Home Game of the Week."

Manchester, Vermont and Halifax are all streaming games live through various other websites and Mid-Michigan have a radio deal which is available on line.

If you were serious about wanting to see a PBL game and not just taking the piss out of A1 you can see an archived version of yesterday's Rainmen/Sasquatch game here. Skip to about the 20 minute mark if you want to avoid some serious boringness.
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