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There is no other option but to make sure Pitt. finishes this season. The sad thing is with no tickets being sold, no visible owner or staff on the scene to answer ANY of the fans (even if it is the loyal PSBF asking most of the questions), no coach, no PR or player signing announcements, etc...this team will be a deep money pit.

The problem is someone else, and maybe even the collective bunch of the financially equipped teams in the CBA will likely combine together with the CBA management and foot the bill. Then you have to ask...what kind of players will play for Pitt. With no money, how can you entice any quality players to the team?

I've been around teams with financial struggles, and the reality is...when these types of signs begin to surface, it is bad news, and oftentimes does not end well. Sure, Pitt. can run the team however they want, but the rest of the teams and the CBA Front Office need to ask themselves how they are going to handle 1 of the 5 teams putting forth a 3rd or 4th rate effort to compete this year. I agree that it MIGHT be better to play than to go with 4 teams now, but look at all the bad press Atlanta, Great Falls, and Utah received for this type of effort, and look how it ended. Heck, Butte even succumbed to having a player/coach to cut budget and finish the season, and even that, to many people, looked really unprofessional!

Oh, and here's a little info about that player/coach - Odell Bradley...his difficult situation turned out so bad that he's actually opted to play in the ABA this season instead of the CBA, and he is a very solid player.

I'll say it again...minor league basketball would have been better off overall if the merger happened...for BOTH parties! I understand the legality and the difficulties...I get that! I know it's not easy to just throw two leagues together, but it probably should have happened. We'll see how it all ends after the season finishes (whether that be in March or possibly earlier. With this economy, you just don't know...anything is possible).

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