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Originally Posted by a1sports View Post
whats the difference between a league with 46 teams and a league with 5 teams?


Both are joke in this economy.

Same can be said with d-league bleeding money and the PBL hanging by a thread.
Acutally, the difference between the two is the fact that you will be able to know each of the 5 teams players where the league with 46 teams you might only know a hand full of the players.

Personally, I would rather have the League with 5 teams than a league with 46 teams.

So what if the CBA is taking a hit this year with only 5 teams. It still sends a message to everyone that they are down but not out.

I still think that there will be about 2-3 team expansion next year.
One of the owners of the Calvs has suggested that new teams that come to the league be placed on one year probation so they can understand what it takes to run a team in the league. This will help not only the expansion team owners get a better understanding of how the CBA is, but allow the league to ensure that the expansion owners are able to handle a team.
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