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Default Improvements are needed!

Obviously, the days of yesteryear are long gone with the league down to just 5 teams now. I'm sure that everyone feels the same about the way this league office is being run. This leads me to say, the heck with any promises that the league may have made to the remaining teams, let them all join the PBL next season and form newer and better rivalries, with so many having joined.
East Kentucky, Lawton-Ft. Sill and Minot have shown great fan support and Albany seems to be returning to that as well. I feel that once a new owner is found here(Pgh) with the propper promoting, support can be as good as everyone else, if we go back to what the original Xplosion team did.
Although tickets are still unavailable yet, I'll be handing out promotional material to everyone I come in contact with, hoping to find new investors for the X. It remains to be seen how hard the league(if the do have control over the X now) is looking for a new owner. But it is clear(imo) a switch to the newer league is a must for a brighter future! Who really believes that expansion will happen in this league?
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