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Originally Posted by Caballo Diablo View Post
I'm not defending the NIFL, just passing along articles.
We all know the league was problematic and desinegrated, but they are promoting that it will be reborn. Whether it's illadvised or will deliver on it's intentions is another story.

This site tries to provide a venue to give all fans information and forums for sports interest. They don't judge which one we're interested in, support or dislike. It's put out for us to view, use, or avoid as we see fit.
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Official NIFL Website

The 2009 season will be played with a Blue ball,
see website for picture.

NIFL prepares for 2009 season
16 Jul 2008 - twelve NIFL Teams will play 2009 season

Atlantic - Florida
Fort Lauderdale Tasers
Fort Myers TarponsMiami Vice Squad
Palm Beach Waves
Port St. Lucie Mustangs

Atlantic - North
Cincinnati Marshals
Fayetteville Guard
Greensboro Revolution

Atlantic - Southeast
Atlanta Thoroughbreds
Columbia Stingers
Green Cove Lions (Jacksonville)


Pacific - California
Los Angeles Lynx
Pomona Cool Riders
San Bernardino Bucking Bulls
San Diego Shockwave
Tri-Valley Ranchers

Pacific - South
Beaumont Drillers
Fort Worth Sixers
San Antonio Steers
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NIFL Network set to air national TV games

The National Indoor Football League will play on TV in 2009, schedules to be announced soon.
18 Jul 2006 - The National Indoor Football League announces the NIFL Network (NN). The NIFL will carry regular season games, playoff games, all-star game and the Indoor Bowl Championship game. In addition, the NIFL is planning to showcase game highlights, coaches and player interviews, and other video and audio content for NIFL fans.
The APFL has a website too and claims to be a league. Why does it not have a board then?
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