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Pounder 07-28-2017 01:35 AM

Deltas Beg Fans For Help

This is one fascinating blog entry. They're delivering on a promise of transparency (if you believe them, and hard to see why not).

Inability to get repeat customers (that data alone is fascinating).

Basically saying they're not drawing well enough, something that owners are quite loathe to admit. It's not for a bad team, for that matter.

Naming names of people they'd like to see invest in the club.

Bring a friend! Everyone bring a friend!

The "it's too cold" complaint doesn't sound like something city residents would say; it sounds like their fan base is from out of town.

Just... wow.

nksports 07-30-2017 04:43 PM

Begging for fans is not good form, it's undignified and just wears down the fan base.

For years, we had a save the (Wichita) Wings (indoor soccer) campaign at the end of almost every season, and each season, the attendance just kept going down. The team eventually did fold (then came back, then folded again).

If the attendance numbers and dollar losses are unsustainable, your best options are either to move, sell the team or fold

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